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"When you drive and theres a rattle under your car bonnet you want to do something about it.  Much more so when its your heart under your rib cage. The ECG at the hospital confirmed flutterings every 3 minutes or so and when I went to the GP I was told it was normal and that I'd need to live with it. This didn't take away my worries and so I sought other advice and my research led to Cinzia's clinic where within a couple of months (perhaps 3) my heart murmur was almost completely gone.  I dont take Beta Blockers and Im as fit as a fiddle.  I still see Cinzia from time to time for a 6 month top up and recommend her for her professionalism and the results of her treatment" SP

"After many years of irregular periods, including once no periods for 10 months, and an old diagnosis of polycistic ovarian syndrome, I went to see Cinzia. By that point my periods were about every six weeks. In addition, I was catching every bug going, particularly every sore throat, which felt like a debilitating downward spiral. Within three months my periods were fairly regular (every 37 days), and within a year they were regular (every 32 days, which continues to this day, x years later).
I continue to see Cinzia as she helps keep my periods regular and also I still don't get all those regular infections. She has helped improve my health in other ways, too, from bad breast pain to occasional digestive problems. She is intuitive and thoughtful and she listens to what you say" CB

"I feel very privileged to have been introduced to Volker. Having had 3 miscarriages, he subsequently helped me carry my 1st daughter to term. If I was in any doubt about how much Volker's treatment helped with this, he has done it again with my second child. I truly feel that Volker has played a large part in bringing my two children into the world and I can't thank him enough." EW

"Volker has treated my family for many years. He combines a deep knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, with a pragmatic understanding of how to make this work in a current Western context. He is gentle, calm and caring; a powerful healer." JH

"Having had acupuncture for the past 15 years I was curious to know whether children could be treated as well. My acupuncturist Volker recommended his wife Cinzia to me, who specialises in treating children with traditional chinese medicine as well as homeopathy. My son, 4 years old, wasn't sure about having acupuncture at first, as he had seen me have it,  Cinzia stimulates the points without inserting needles, just tapping them with extraordinary good results. My son liked it very much. So much that he keeps asking me when we will be going back to see Cinzia for some more tapping between appointments, also for the homeopathic remedies she prescribes, as he thinks of them as sweets rather than medicine.
As a mother it is truly wonderful to have someone like Cinzia, only a quick email or call away, who will give you advise when your child is sick and you don't know what to do. She is such a warm and charming person, children love her, my son took to her straight away!" SW

"I visited the clinic @ southbank for the first time in August 2011 because of PCOS and rosacea. I felt my problem was taken seriously from the start and Giusi looked at my problems as a whole. She looked for the root cause of the problem for me as an individual and treated that, unlike the western medical system. I have been seeing great results, going from no period for 5 months to a period every 5 weeks now! Giusi is an excellent practitioner who really cares about her patients and makes you feel welcome and looked after. I am always looking forward to my next treatment, knowing my health benefits from it!" HV

"I have been receiving acupuncture for about 6 years and a patient of Giusi's since October 2010. My presenting problem was my knees where I experienced joint pain, stiffness and general discomfort.This was treated by Giusi in a very thorough way. She spent time getting to know the aspects of my lifestyle and I felt she was treating me in a very holistic way.The problems with the knees has lessened to the extent that most of the time I am unaware of any discomfort. My other problems of sleeplessness and digestion she has treated as they have arisen. I feel she is creative and imaginative in her treatments and I always feel so much better after my treatments. I trust her completely with my health and realise that I am lucky that I have such a competent therapist and that acupuncture works for me." MW

"The Clinic @ Southbank is a centre of excellence for the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. It has nothing in common with the High Street shops which have given traditional Chinese medicine a bad name in this country.   Londoners are very lucky to have the Clinic in their midst. Volker Scheid has mastered Traditional Chinese Medicine at the scholarly and clinical levels, and is continually augmenting his knowledge and expertise. Despite his eminence, he is very approachable. Volker is also literate in medical science and medical statistics, so he is always mindful of the contribution that western medicine can make. Fees at the Clinic are extremely reasonable, and the benefits in our case would hard to overstate." RL & JL

" I have been one of Giusi’s patients for the past 7 months. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines have helped me over the years to restore my immune system, energy levels and deal with the huge amount of symptoms (such as severe hot flushes, hayfever and sleeping problems) that for years conventional medicine wasn't able or cared to understand. Strangely enough those same doctors congratulate me now on the decision of managing my health through acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. So for everyone who's being passed from doctor to doctor while their health is deteriorating I would strongly recommend this form of treatment. " PR

" I cant thank Volker and the rest of team enough for your care and attention. The highly professional treatment you all provide is somehow also very personal and i felt almost as if i were being taken care of by old friends! You strike just the right balance. I was convinced of the benefits of acupuncture from the first treatment at the clinic. I left feeling relaxed and energised. More than that, I felt really listened to. Having had a depressing diagnosis from a fertility specialist about the chances of a natural pregnancy to full term at 40+ with blood complications, I was pleasantly surprised to fall pregnant easily and carry a healthy baby to full term. I'm sure my weekly acupuncture sessions played a hugely important role in keeping me and baby well. I can't thank you enough! " CL

" I went to see Cinzia for acupuncture at the end of last year and i was rather sceptical of alternative methods of healing.  At that time my health had endured some rather strange experiences. I had an elbow injury that had worsened over a couple of months to the extent that I could no longer lift a full cup of tea. When I took an ordinary iboprufen I ended up at A&E with a severe allergic reaction. A few days later my toe swelled to more than twice its size and I could barely walk without pain, and a lymph node near my collar bone enlarged to the size of an olive! Needless to say I was in a sorry state when I went to see Cinzia. She treated me twice a week for a period of six weeks and gradually the various inflammations in my body started to subside. I truly believe that acupuncture helped me tremendously and I attribute my complete recovery entirely to acupuncture and to Cinzia's 'healing hands' - I took no medication at all whilst being treated. It was a privilege to be treated by Cinzia, I can not thank her enough for helping me and plan to have regular acupuncture sessions to boost my immune system and enhance my general state of wellbeing." NS

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