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The clinic @ southbank (previously The Traditional Acupuncture Centre) is London’s oldest specialist clinic for acupuncture. Founded in 1983, the Clinic re-opened under its new name in 2010 as London’s premier centre of traditional East Asian and other forms of personalised medicine including different styles of acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Japanese Kampo,tuina massage, Ayurveda and various forms of body work.

What makes us different is our long-standing involvement in the field of East Asian medicines as practitioners, scholars, teachers and researchers. This provides us with a unique ability to flexibly and selectively apply the art and science of East Asian medicines to a wide range of health care problems in the West.

We offer treatment by a dynamic team of practitioners led by by two of Europe’s foremost experts in traditional East Asian medicines. Our focus on personalised healthcare aims to treat existing conditions, prevent future illness, and enhance well-being. To this end we tailor treatment to individual needs and offer advice on diet and life-style changes where appropriate

The Clinic @ Southbank
75 Roupell St., London SE1 8SS
Telephone: 0207 928 8333
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